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Book recommendations
If you are hearing about me and my stories for the first time, and wonder where to head first, I have these FREE recommendations for you! Click Covers!

Two Sides of the Moon (1).png

The Mouse

and The Wolf
Urban fantasy with cute teen werewolf romance and a magical battle to save the world!

Counting Minutes.png

Counting Minutes

A homeless thief meets a painter who can't leave his home.

A massive book full of cute fluff!

I'm Dolly Grand, Author of gay romance and fantasy
Ever since I was ten, I knew telling stories was the only thing I wanted to do. Creating stories is not just a hobby or a job to me, it's much more than that – it's the love of my life. I want to write eight hours a day, five days a week and even more, and even when I take a day off from writing, that won't stop me from planning what I'm going to write next. 

My writing journey started way back around 2000 when I wrote my first novel and sent it to a publisher. I received the first rejection letter, but that didn't take away my passion for writing, so in 2014 I decided to start writing in English and published my very first story, Six Issues, online.

My love for writing only grew stronger after that, so even to this day, if I'm not at work, I'm most likely writing. Or playing video games. Or stuffing my face with pizza and donuts while watching Supernatural with my best friend, Emma, who is the painter behind my covers.


My stories are my life, and I am honored to have you here with me!

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