Emma Sikanen Art

Emma is my best friend and the artist behind my covers. She is an amazing painter, tattoo artist and photographer, and most importantly the greatest friend a person could ever have.

I have known her ever since I was seven years old, and now, after more than two decades later, she is that one person I can't live without.

Here are the covers she has already created for me and if you want to see more, be sure to check out her Instagram!

IMG_20191028_130051 (2).jpg

Glyn Greven Art


Glyn has been one of my greatest friends ever since my writing journey began in English. They have taught me a great deal about English language, and is still my honorary proofreader! 

Not only are they an amazing story teller, they are also a great artist who is taking commissions every now and then, so do go check out their work!