My Plans

If I'm not writing, I'm planning. I spend hours every day planning my stories both old and new. I have several ideas for completely new stories and plans to make the old ones even better. I'm using a lot of time trying to find ways to gain new happy readers and trying to make a career out of writing. Making all of this happen is a big, slow process, but thankfully, my stubborn nature won't allow me to give up easily.

Physical books and eBooks

Several years ago, I found out about print on demand self-publishing companies, so I decided to publish all my stories as physical copies and eBooks. This is a long process and requires a lot of time since I have to do the work on my own, but this is definitely something that will eventually happen, and when that time comes, rest assured, I will be loud about it so you won't miss it.


I'm still fairly new to Patreon, so my page there is still a bit empty - which I'm not a fan of - but my dream is to be able to post new content there almost daily. This does, however, require me to be able to support myself mostly with writing and not have my day job anymore. Getting paid to write would leave me so much more time to write... I already have planned a few stories that would be exclusive to Patreon, all I need is time to actually write them.

Book trailers...?

This is an idea I've been playing with for quite some time. I searched for different options and ways to make them and I think I found a way that could be doable even for me who has never done anything like that before. Beautiful music, some text rolling on the screen, pretty sparkles flying about... But it has a price tag, as always, and right now I can't afford them.

Official Art

My best friend happens to be a kick-ass painter/tattoo artist/photographer. She has drawn or painted several of my covers already and is going to make the art for the rest of them as well. At one point, I'll ask her if she could make extra art about the characters and scenes so that I could display them in the books. We have already talked about printing posters and having other merchandise but, again, we don't have the time nor money to do so yet.

Official Website

I think I can scratch this one off the list. Finally. It took me over a month to build this page. I never knew how obsessed I could be about details until I started creating this page...

The Oldies I took down

Some of you remember the stories called Unconditionally and Foes. Those two will come back, I promise! I just need some time, and yes, I am aware that I have started a few new stories after taking them down, and I'm sorry about that, but I haven't forgotten about them, I swear!


I love sequels. I have a few stories that will get sequels and/or spin-offs at some point, including:

The Life We Had (Luke and Troy need their own book)

The Battle of Wills (That song Kiara was singing at the end was a hint)
Six Issues and Six of Misfortune are just sequel factories
And last but not least, 
The Mouse and The Wolf (we all know it's not going to be about Ollie and Jaden) 

Rewrites and Edits

I cringe every time I think of The Bet. I love the story but my skills back when I wrote it were not that great. I want to go through all the old stories, rewrite some of them and do some edits to the rest to bring them all up to my current level.

Interactive story

This is one of my more ambitious plans. You probably have encountered games that have different endings according to how you play the game, and this is something I want to use with one of my stories. Patreon is the perfect platform to host this kind of story since unlike on Wattpad and other writing sites, the chapters are published as individual posts, meaning I can determine where the "next chapter" button(s) takes you. 

The idea I have is that at the end of each chapter you will have 2 or more options of which you can choose what the character is going to do next, and depending on your choices, you will reach a good ending, a bad ending, or something in the middle.

This is an enormous task since I'd have to write the whole thing with all the optional routes and endings before I can publish the story so I wouldn't ruin the reading experience for you, which means I'll need an enormous amount of time to make this happen!

New stories

Stories, stories, stories! I have planned or started planning several stories over the years, and there are quite a lot of those I do want to write and will write at some point. Here are a few of those ideas I have...


Safeword: Synopsis

Of course I'm starting this list with a BDSM themed story. I don't want to take any risks of breaking the terms of use Wattpad has, so this one is going to be published on Patreon for my paying readers. I am toying with the idea of making this a series, and the first book is already planned completely. The plot? Russian Millionaire x Poor College Student. And a lot of sex. Gay, of course. Not in an abusive way. Just a feel-good story of two grown men having fun. In bed. Often.


Cyborgs, Zombies and the End of the World

Who wouldn't want to write about the Apocalypse? In this one, the cyborgs are rulers, and regular humans are lesser beings. A cyborg Overlord, Duke, get's captured by his nemesis, another cyborg, and is facing death, but a human saves him... Can Duke learn to love someone that is less than him? 

This story is my top pick for the interactive story I mentioned earlier.



The Snob and the Douchebag (Probably the actual title)

Can their personalities be more annoying? Can they stand each other? Can you even continue reading because they're so obnoxious? Hopefully, we will find out someday.

A lesbian story, Whiskey & Wine

The idea for this story is old. I mean old. I started planning it like 10 years ago and even wrote a small bit but never really had the time to focus on it more and eventually, I forgot all about it. Around a year or two ago, I remembered it existed and decided to add it to my arsenal of future stories.

As the name suggests, it's a bad girl versus nice girl story - adult version.


A gaymer story with a popular YouTuber and a small streamer with a heavy emphasis on mental health issues. This is a pretty new story idea but as a person who enjoys playing video games and watching streams/playthroughs, I'm excited to write this one!


Any horse people around?

This is an old idea of a story that has a troubled seventeen-year-old teenager who ends up getting hired at a big ranch, owned by a bunch of rich horse people. And of course, there's the cute owner's son. And a rival! I actually wrote a short story for Christmas about them two, and since there was a demand for a full-length story, I started planning it.



Two African American guys, both twenty-five years old. Both are talented, brilliant young men. Both came from a wealthy family. Both are hiding the fact that they're gay. Neither of them knows the other one exists. One is now the CEO of the company he built with a bright future ahead of him. The other has three jobs to support his family, and things are about to get a hell of a lot worse when he makes friends with gang members. 

And then they meet in a flower shop. A romance between two guys who had the same chances in life, but luck favored only one. 

The Peacekeeper and His Demon

If you've read The Battle of Wills, you know we're talking about our favorite couple, Marco and Roz. Those of you who don't know them, Marco is a peacekeeper, a supernatural cop, and Roz is his cute little dragon-demon, and this is the story of how they met. 



Darker stories? Have you met the Gallagher family yet?

A Night in a Bathtub. The Fighter. Two stories related to the Gallagher mafia I introduced in Collision. If you've read Collision, you'll know these two stories won't be cute and cuddly. Nah, prostitution, drugs, guns, life hanging by a thread... And abuse. Definitely R18 and probably not suitable for Wattpad. 


High Fantasy, my biggest love, the oldest of the oldest, Kings of Lucandra (happy birthday to my 16-year-old story that still doesn't have an actual plot but has very well planned characters!)

Soooo many options, so many plots, so many characters and so little time. A series? Several standalones? Straight? Gay? Magic, elements, soul weapons, mages, demons, hunters, sky pirates, strongest fighters, most wanted criminals, horrible villains, demon kings, adventures, friendships, romances, cop falling for the criminal leader, bad guy doing good things, destroying the world, annoying horses...


It's big. 


I really want a story of a dragon and his rider. No pun intended. The newest idea so no plans whatsoever (yet).

So, here you have it. I have a lot of plans for a lot of things, but I need more time. I am not kidding when I say this would be so much easier if I didn't have to keep my day job. I want to write for a living so I have more time to write more stories, keeping as many of them free as is possible.


Writing isn't a hobby or even a job to me, it's my lifestyle, and my dream is to be able to write these stories for your entertainment all day, every day.

The writer is nothing without the readers.

Or food.

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