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Six Issues

After losing his parents and being abused, Thomas is learning how to enjoy his life again - something he thought was impossible for him, but then he meets other unfortunate souls, and especially his new neighbor.




A fresh start in a new city was exactly what Thomas needed after losing his parents and being abused by his relative. With the help of his dear aunt, Thomas is finally getting his life back on track, and he is looking forward to his new life. Soon, he meets Scott, a hot guy who is suffering from issues similar to his own. A friendship with him brings new, colorful people in Thomas' life. Each of them are carrying scars of their own, but together they can finally learn how to live, love and trust again.

-Read for Free-

Status - Completed

Targeted For - Young and New Adult

Genres - Romance

Contains - Heavy themes such as rape, suicide, self-harm, violence, abuse, drugs, alcohol etc.

This was the very first story I wrote in English, published online, and finished. The story-telling may not be the best, but I have edited it heavily and given it a lot of love, so at least there are 90% less grammar mistakes!

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