My Specials

Every now and then, I'll be having special side projects and cooperate with other authors to bring you even more stuff to read, and here you can learn more about them.

Deck The Halls With Brand New Stories

-Ho Ho Holiday Anthology- 

"A holiday anthology coming to you from some of your favourite Paid Stories writers. Happy Holidays friends!"

This Christmas Special was fun to write. Once again, I had the honor to participate in Paid Stories Anthology project, and I chose to write about something familiar and dear to me:

an office gay romance between a werewolf and a vampire.

Read No Evil 

-Anthology of Terror- 

"Read No Evil is a great collection of original short stories put together for you by Wattpad Paid Stories writers. Grab the potion of your choice (a cauldron sized coffee perhaps?), set the lights for maximum fright, and jump into these spine-tingling short stories."

For Halloween 2019 me and 26 other Wattpad Paid Stories authors joined forces and wrote 28 horror short stories for your entertainment. This was the first time I had the honor to collaborate with so many talented authors and to be honest, it was scary. These authors are wonderful people, so I do hope you enjoy their spooky stories! And mine, of course, even though I have no idea how to actually write horror.

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