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Joshua, a college student addicted to sex, finally meets someone he can share his fantasies with: Nikita, a foreign millionaire. At first, everything goes well, but soon Josh's promise to not start growing feelings becomes hard to keep...


After getting away from his cruel father's tyranny, Randall has to learn how to live again and accept the person he was meant to be - with a little help of certain someone...

The Vigil.png

Colton "The Huntsman" Rodriguez, a bounty hunter with a rare ability to shape iron, receives an invitation to join a secret group of outlaw vigilantes sworn to protect the sanctuary of Siasmin, a city where supernatural creatures live peacefully with humans.


Thomas has to overcome his fears to help Scott, a vampire trapped in an abusive relationship, but the obsessed abuser is not giving up his mate willingly.


In order to defeat the man who murdered his entire family, Adrian, a vampire, kidnaps a demon to do his bidding - a decision he will soon regret.

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Paralyzed from waist down, a former athlete has to learn to live without being able to walk again, but he can't even find his will to live anymore. Then, his new neighbor steps in...

C o l l i s i o n (2).png

A car crash brings a model with dark, sickening family secrets and a simple bartender together, and soon they both have to run for their lives with gangsters on their tail... 


After years of living in an abusive relationship, Max comes out as a broken shell of a person he used to be. He's unable to take care of himself, communicate with people or even be around them, and no one knows what happened to him. No one knows how to help him.

But his ex-boyfriend refuses to give up on him.


-NSFW Novelette-

Noel is madly in love with his boyfriend of four months, but there is one thing making him uncomfortable: the idea of having sex. But then his boyfriend comes up with an idea that might work...

The Lamb and The Wolf.png


When Rayleigh Abner finally finds the courage to talk to the girl of his dreams, he has no idea that his life is about to change completely...