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The Bet

The rich kid with a perfect life is challenged to make the bad boy with a bad temper fall in love with him - and things get messy when he starts to enjoy the imperfect side of life.


Nicholas has it all: the looks, the brain, the money, and the fame. There is absolutely nothing wrong in his perfect and secure life. Everything he could ever want is within his reach. The life where everything is handed to him is not one he enjoys, so he doesn't think twice when his friends challenges him to make someone they choose fall in love with him.

And that person is Jax. Foul-mouthed, mean, and occasionally violent, Jax is by far the worst person to be seduced, but Nic is determined to win this bet, even if it means losing limbs. 

There are just two tiny problems: 1. Nicholas is straight. 2. Jax hates him.

Status - Completed

Targeted For - Young and New Adult

Genres - Romance

Contains - Teen Drama

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