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To Love a Beast

-Wattpad Paid Story-

Inhumane experiments are turning Dante Gray, a werewolf, into a monster - can he and Chase, a sexy warlock who saves him, find a cure before it's too late?


Dante Gray, a werewolf, escapes from a secret facility where he was held captive by scientists - but he's slowly turning into a monster due to the inhumane experiments they carried out on him. Accompanied by a hot-headed warlock, Chase Cooper, Dante must find a cure before the beast takes over completely. Soon his friendship with Chase heats up, giving Dante all the more reason to fight the beast inside him - but can he survive the evils of Killian Taylor, the mastermind who is hunting him down?

Status - Completed

Targeted For - New Adult

Genres - Werewolf, Urban Fantasy, Adventure, Action, Romance

Contains - Violence, Sex

This is a Wattpad Paid Story, meaning you will need to buy Wattpad Coins in order to read the story

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