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Rise of the Warbringers

-Tapas Premium Story-

A once peaceful city has fallen into the hands of an evil naga ruler, and now this sanctuary is anything but a safe home for supernatural beings. Things get worse when the naga joins forces with a human scientist to create a state-of-the-art android, a prototype weapon designed to stomp out even the thought of rebellion.

But the evil lord has a problem: his own son, a mermaid-naga hybrid with a fiery temper and inability to follow rules. As the human-sized deadly weapon becomes his new babysitter, an unexpected bond forms between them and the two have to stand up to the evil lord or lose their freedom for good. Joined by a werewolf soldier and a dying vampire doctor, these unlikely allies are set to save their beloved home and free their kind from the torment.

This story may be cheaper to read on Tapas, where you can earn the currency you need to unlock the chapters

You can read the story on Patreon for 5$/month (+vat), and that also gives you access to everything else I have posted on Patreon

Status - Ongoing

Targeted For - New Adult

Genres - Urban Fantasy, Action, Romance

Contains - Violence, Sex

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