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Erotica on Patreon


I write Gay erotica with consensual adult male characters, both humans and supernatural beings. The themes range from cute fluff to rough rides, so I hope you find something to enjoy!

Here are some snippets from the Erotic short stories and novelettes on my Patreon

Be careful what you promise...

“You think you’re getting laid?” the girl scoffed in amusement.

   “I’m not getting laid?” Brandon asked with a shocked voice, and I did my best to hold back my laugh.

   “No,” she said sternly.

   “Damn,” he mumbled, shaking his head. “Not even a blowjob?”

   “Why would I suck your wiener? There’s nothing in it for me,” the girl spoke, rolling her eyes.


   “I’ll give you a blowjob if we get the hell out of here now,” I said as a joke.

   As a joke.

   “I thought I was getting a blowjob,” he sighed dramatically.

   “Dude, you better stop joking around or I will blow you so hard you start thinking you may have been gay all along.”

   “I want that blowjob,” he spoke with a low voice and a smile I had never seen on his face before. “And I don’t really give a damn who’s going to give it to me.”

   I kissed him. That’s all I wanted to do at that moment.

Seven Days 
First Time Can be Overwhelming...

“I’m… I’m sorry I can’t… have sex with you,” I murmured.


   “I know you want it…” I continued without looking at him.

   “Is… that what’s been bothering you?” he asked, and I nodded. “Well, it will be your first time. It is a big deal,” he said quietly.

   “I was thinking that maybe I’m just making too big deal out of it,” I sighed.

   “Let’s make a deal. We’re going to stay here for a week. No one’s going to bother us, we have no obligations, no schoolwork, nothing,” he spoke, and I nodded slowly. “So, since it’s bothering you so much, I was thinking that we could use this time to make you more comfortable with the whole idea.”

   “Like how?” I asked in curiosity.

   “There’s only one rule: no sex before Saturday. No matter how much you want it or ask for it, I’m not having sex with you until then. And even then, I’ll do it only if you’re actually comfortable with it.”

   “Okay…?” I said slowly, waiting for him to continue.

   “In the meantime, since we have all the time in the world, we can try out other sexy stuff,” he said with a wink.

   “What kind of sexy stuff?” I asked, having to admit that his proposal was helping with my anxiety. That was six whole days I didn’t have to worry about sex.

   “I could show you?” he said with a raised eyebrow. “I promise, nothing too sexy, just kissing and a little bit of touching.”

   I gave him a little nod, and his smile grew wider.

   “Turn on your back and close your eyes..."

Food Delivery
Supernatural Style...

“Would you like to get eaten?” Rei whispered in my ear.

   “Y-You mean my blood?” I asked way too nervously.

   “Among other things…”

   “We’ll be gentle,” Noah promised as he pushed himself up, bringing his lips right next to mine. “And we’ll take care of you as a thank you.”


   Noah smiled and moved his hand on top of the very tight front of my jeans. “We’ll take very good care of you…”

   I mean, I didn’t need all of my blood… I had plenty to spare. I hoped. Did I really care? No.

   These vampires were hot.

   I placed my hand under Noah’s chin so I could kiss him. His lips were cold, but soft. I pulled away shortly after to see his approving smile.

   “Do you… always treat the deliverers like this?” I asked, glad to finally have the ability to form words back.

   “Only those who deserve a good…” Noah spoke, moving his hand on my dick, “…tip.”

   As he returned to the floor and started opening my belt, Rei pulled my head back gently and kissed me. My attention was divided between the cool hands tugging down my jeans and the cool tongue in my mouth. I had no other option but to sit back and let them do whatever they wanted with me.

   I was too hard to think for myself. My cock was making the decisions now.

Rough Around the Edges
This couple has their fair share of spice...

“Loser!” he taunted me with mischievous smirks, clearly having fun beating my ass.

   Playing games distracted me for a while, but little by little, the frustration returned. After one excruciating defeat, I threw my controller away with a groan.

   “Aww, giving up already?” he asked again with that taunting voice. “Loser.”

   I turned to glare at him. I had to focus on my breathing to stay calm. I just sat there, watching him, his delicate features, his light-green eyes, his lush lips…

   “So? What are we doing now?” he asked, and something in me finally snapped.

   I stood up from the couch, stepped right in front of him while hastily opening my belt. He watched what I was doing with raised eyebrows, and he didn’t even blink when I grabbed him by his hair, pulled out my cock and shoved it in his mouth.

   “We’re doing this,” I spoke through gritted teeth, driven mad by my frustration and lust.

   I had never met anyone who could make me go this crazy. Kai did, and he loved doing that to me. Only he could give me the satisfaction I needed. He had turned me into this. Because of him, no one else was good enough. And I had tried… My fucking god, I had tried… But I only wanted him.

   I only saw him.

   His eyes were smiling at me, still taunting me as he gave me the best damn blowjob I had ever received.

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