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Patreon is a membership platform where creators can earn revenue for their hard work. For you, it's a way to support them for making the things you love. Creators have special rewards to give you in return for your generosity, and I have plenty of rewards waiting for you! 


You gain full access to my content

with only 2$ (+vat) a Month

-Early Access-

On Patreon, my free ongoing books are at least one chapter ahead of Tapas!

-Exclusive Stories-

Patreon-only stories including short stories, novelettes, full novels and anything else I can think of.

-Bonus Content-

My stories will have different kinds of bonus content, short stories, novelettes, alternate universe one shots and more, and they are exclusive to my Patreon.


These NSFW stories are my compilation of smutty, sexy and steamy gay short stories. These are the kind of stories I can't publish anywhere else due to their mature themes!

If you choose to support me, Thank You from the bottom of my heart!

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