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Writing as a career has always been my dream, and while getting traditionally published is nothing less of a miracle, I decided to take matters into my own hands, but I need your help.

Patreon is a membership platform where creators can earn revenue for their hard work. For you, it is a way to pay them for making the things you love. Creators have special rewards to give you in return for your generosity, and here you can learn more about mine. 

At the moment, I have three types of rewards (listed below). You can choose which rewards you want. I have created all the possible bundles out of these three rewards - "tiers" in Patreon lingo - plus you will always get access to NSFW Complimentaries no matter which tier you choose.

The prices below are monthly subscription prices, the cheapest tier being 1$ and the most expensive one is 5$ a month. You will get full access to all the previously published content under the tier you choose on top of the newest updates.

Visit my Patreon page for more information,

and if you do choose to support me,

Thank You from the bottom of my heart!

Extended Chapters  1$

The stories in this reward type are published as free versions on Wattpad, but on Patreon each chapter is around 500 words longer, meaning that there are extra scenes or the scenes are bigger than on Wattpad. These stories will be published as physical books once completed, but I won't be removing them from Patreon.

In the future, the final versions of my older stories that are being published as physical books will be available in this reward type as well.

Bonus Content  2$

Bonus Content is a collection of my shorter stories that are usually related to my novels. Or not. They can have 10 chapters or more, or less, or have just one part. They can be completely new stories with short plots, one-shots about past events, things that happen during time-skips, scenes from someone else's point of view, or from the Alternate Universe where the main character ends up with someone else.

There really aren't any limits.

Exclusive Stories  2$

Coming Soon

These stories are, as the name suggests, exclusive to Patreon. They are full-length novels that will be published as physical books and eBooks once completed, but they will remain on Patreon as well, and can't be read anywhere else.

NSFW Complimentaries

These Complimentary NSFW stories are my compilation of smutty, sexy and steamy gay short stories. These are my special Thank You stories for everyone who is supporting me financially on Patreon, meaning that they are available on every tier I have, but I will only publish them around once a month.

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