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Writing as a career has always been my dream, and while getting traditionally published is nothing less of a miracle, I decided to take matters into my own hands, but I need your help.

Patreon is a membership platform where creators can earn revenue for their hard work. For you, it is a way to pay them for making the things you love. Creators have special rewards to give you in return for your generosity, and here you can learn more about mine. 

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I'm publishing the newest chapters of my ongoing free books on my Patreon up to a week before publishing them on free platforms. This means you get to read the newest chapters way before they are published elsewhere!

Final Edits

I am self-publishing most -- if not all -- my stories as physical books and eBooks, and while I'm working on the final edits of these stories, I'm publishing them on my Patreon. These books will stay up on my Patreon even after publishing, so you can still enjoy these final edits without having to buy them!

Exclusive Stories

These are, as the name suggests, my Patreon-only stories that can't be read anywhere else! This includes completely new short stories, novelettes, full novels and anything else I can think of!

Bonus Content

My free stories will have different kinds of bonus content, short stories, novelettes, alternate universe one shots and more, and they are exclusive to my Patreon!

NSFW Stories

These NSFW stories are my compilation of smutty, sexy and steamy gay short stories. These are the kind of stories I can't publish anywhere else due to their mature themes!

Current exclusive stories
on my Patreon
Safe Word.png


Joshua, a college student addicted to sex, finally meets someone he can share his fantasies with, a millionaire man Nikita, and at first, everything goes well, but what happens when their promise of no feelings attached becomes hard to keep?



After getting away from his cruel father's tyranny, Randall has to learn how to live again and accept the person he was meant to be - with a little help of certain someone...

The Lamb and The Wolf.png


When Rayleigh Abner finally finds the courage to talk to the girl of his dreams, he has no idea that his life is about to change completely...


-NSFW Novelette-

Noel is madly in love with his boyfriend of four months, but there is one thing making him uncomfortable: the idea of having sex. But then his boyfriend comes up with an idea that might work...