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Six of Misfortune


Thomas has to overcome his fears to help Scott, a vampire trapped in an abusive relationship, but the obsessed abuser is not giving up his mate willingly.


After losing both of his parents, Thomas surrounds himself with bad company, only to have a cruel wakeup call a few years later. His aunt takes him in and gives him a loving home, where he can finally start his life with a clean slate, far away from his old surroundings.

However, new trouble awaits him in the new city. He meets his neighbor, Scott, who is in a relationship with Julian, a notorious troublemaker. There seems to be something off about the couple, and as Thomas learns more about them, it becomes clear that things are much, much worse than that.

And it doesn't end there - his only wish was to start his life again in a new, peaceful city, but it doesn't take him long before he realizes  that there's more to the city than meets the eye, and the people around him may not be people at all.

-Story On Hold-

-Not Available Yet-


Status - On Hold

Targeted For - Young and New Adult

Genres - Urban Fantasy, Romance, Dark

Contains - Heavy themes such as rape, suicide, self-harm, violence, abuse, drugs, alcohol etc.

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