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An empty shell is all what is left of twenty-five-year-old Randall now. After his homophobic father found out he was gay, he had to learn to act someone else in order to survive through the years of abuse and humiliation. Now he has forgotten the person he once was. He refuses to remember the person he was supposed to be.

Emotionally detached, and unable to create any kind of relationships, Randall’s lonely days repeat themselves in the same destructive pattern: go to work, work out, watch TV, and drink, with no way out of that dark, miserable corner he has built for himself.

When a gay bar opens doors in his neighborhood, the fragile balance he has created with himself is in danger of being destroyed when his true self is trying to break free.

And to make things worse, there is a new guy at his gym. A kind guy who has a nice voice and loves talking people’s ears off. A guy who can see his suffering and is willing to do whatever it takes to help him.

A guy who is making Randall feel once again.

Status - Complete

Targeted For - 18+

Genres - Romance

Contains - Verbal and Physical abuse

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