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Save Me From Myself

Save Me From Myself.png

After Theo comes out as gay to his best friend, his life becomes a living hell. Ruthlessly bullied, Theo falls deep into his depression, and is ready to give up on life. But then, an unlikely ally steps in...



After confessing his feeling to his best friend, Beau, Theo finds himself to be the most hated person in his school. To make matters worse, his own brother treats him even more horribly than the bullies at school, and his drunken father doesn't care what is going on under his roof. But no one is as cruel to him as he is himself.

Theo is on the verge of ending his misery once and for all, but then the notorious troublemaker of the school, Deon, takes interest in him. Reluctantly Theo makes a deal with him: Deon keeps the bullies at bay as long as Theo acts as his sidekick while he's breaking the rules, and as a servant, fetching his coffee and carrying his bag.

Things are finally starting to look brighter, especially when Theo's biggest wish finally comes true...

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Status - Series Ongoing

Targeted For - Young and New Adult

Genres - Romance, Teen Fiction, Soap Opera

Contains - Self-Harm, Suicidal Thoughts, Bullying

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